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Mission Statement

To exceed our customers’ expectations by delivering superior customer service that will lead Great Plains National Bank to being the dominant Bank in each of our markets. Ownership and Management are committed to this same level of service to our family of employees.


About us

The history of our bank goes back to the earliest beginnings of the twentieth century. As Oklahoma turned the corner from territory to statehood, we too began our existence as The Groves National Bank of Hollis, Oklahoma. Through the years, the name of our bank has changed and evolved as did the area we served. Also, we have been involved in several mergers and acquisitions to arrive at the impressive size we are today.


From our humble beginnings in Hollis, Oklahoma, we have added banks in Sayre, Elk City, Mangum, Granite, Cordell, Burns Flat, Hobart, Piedmont, Tuttle, Woodward, and Taloga, Oklahoma.  We also have a full service Mortgage Division located in Oklahoma City.  It is interesting to note that during the depression of the nineteen thirties, when the infamous "bank holiday" was called by President Roosevelt, our bank (then known as the First State Bank and Trust Company of Hollis) was given permission to remain open, which we did. We are one of a very few banks in the country to claim this privilege.

The Great Plains National Bank obviously had its roots in agriculture and we are still very much involved with it today; however, with the natural growth of our trade area, we have begun to embrace commercial and industrial business as well. In other words, we have truly become a full service bank for the twenty first century.

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